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Does Your Partner Look Like Your Parent?

Suatu ketika di beberapa saat yang lalu, ada topik aneh yang lagi-lagi dibuka di “BBC Have Your Say”. Berdasarkan sebuah penelitian di Hungaria, konon, seorang wanita cenderung memilih suami yang mirip ayahnya. Dan seorang pria juga menggunakan pola yang sama ketika memilih istri. (Berasa ambigu? =)) Sila baca komen-komen pilihan di bawah. Ada yang menyindir tentang ketidakjelasanan kalimat ini ^__^ )

Tapi kayanya kok banyak yang gak suka sama orang tua ato mertua ya? ^^;

Sumber berita:

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My mother was short, plump, and dark haired.
My wife is tall, slim, and blonde.
(She does finish sentences for me and boss me around though!)
Paul, Berkshire

Does my husband look like my dad? I hope not, dad’s been dead for 16 years.
Sorry but silly subjects gey silly replies.
Eva Meredith-Jones, Newtown, Powys

My mother was a beautiful,elegant lady who resembled Grace Kelly !
Unfortunatley my wife is more likened to Ned Kelly,even down to the fag hanging out the corner of her mouth !
Can’t always get it right.
Peter, Pulborough

I look just like my wife’s dad.
He is a handsome devil.
Will de Beest, Spain

I don’t have a partner but on reading this I went through some old photographs. She does not look anything like my mother but I used to have an old bulldog and I have a picture of him chewing a wasp. The similarity of both pictures is amazing!
Worry Wort, Sheffield, United Kingdom

This is what they spend their time on researching in a Uni in Hungary!!! Glad its not my tax money being spent there. What a load of nonsense.
Jack is back, Aussie all the way

My wife looks like my dad and her mother looks like our labrador.
Stef Worsley, Sydney

I pray this study doesn’t include us gay guys. The thought of finding a man attractive because he looks like my Dad sends shivers through my spine!
Dean, Derbyshire

Ew, no. That’s almost like a kind of incest committed at the subconscious level!

My partner bears an uncanny resemblance to both my mother and father, but since she is my sister that is not so surprising really is it.
Please don’t send the police round, it was only a joke – she’s my daughter really.

I always thought my mother-in-law looked a bit like a potato. My wife certainly looks more like her than she looks like my mother, (who was indescribably beautiful and try as I might I was unable to find a woman who came anywhere near to matching her). But as this is International Year of the Potato perhaps I should at least celebrate my wife’s eyes (as it were).
L A Odicean, London

Parent..? I think it goes a little further than that.. She looks like ‘our’ ancestors.. maybe I have discovered ‘the missing link’ right here!
[goodpost], Auckland, New Zealand

No, but he’s turning into his own father at an alarming rate!
[DesktopCynic], United States

By far, the creepiest HYS question to date.
R-, Oregon, United States

No, because I don’t have any!
Armin_Ulrich, Berlin

Perhaps that’s why I have been so hopeless with relationships……none of my partners have looked like either of my parents!
NuTitanic Passenger, Cayton…Dis, United Kingdom

My mother and sisters always have taken in my girlfriends and my wife like there part of the family. It got to the point that before I married i would not bring girlfriends home because they would out number me. Believe ma you cannot win against a majority of womne on any issue. I also am now out numbered by my daughters and wife all the time it could be worse I guess. My wife’s parents depends on the wind if they like me or not ,last month I dont discipline enough and spoil my kids. never win!
marshall craig, Dallas, Texas, United States

Wow, finally a topic that has nothing to do with Americans and President Bush. Or does it?
[GigaOpenmind], United States

Does your partner look like your parent?
The question isn’t clear!
Which partner of mine are you talking about?
I have eight wives/partners and none of them like me talking to the Press about them or talk about just one of them!
In future, please draft your questions with precision! You could very well have asked:
Does your partner(s) look like your parent?
[MaxMaxmilianMaximusI], Indian Caesar in, Singapore

How does this work for those of us that are bi-sexual then? My last girlfriend didn’t have a moustache! I am with a man now but he doesn’t look like my biological father because he’s not a trans-sexual! Work that one out!
Karen Vaughan, Basingstok

If I thought I looked like my father-in-law it would be the icing on the cake,
He idolised his children and later his grandchildren he was a lovely man, I so envy their childhood, mine was dreadful.
I love my wife dearly and felt all her sorrow when her dad passed away at the age of 92.
Now its my turn I just really want some grandchildren “PLEASE”
Andrew Roberts

Sexual imprinting is supposed to relate to the first person you see when you open your eyes as a baby – which may explain why there are so many cosmopolitan relationships. It may also explain why I married a midwife.
Bully Baiter, Cringe City

Not in the least.
My father was short, clean shaven with straight hair.
My husband is tall, bearded with curly hair.
Apart from their gender there is no resemblence whatsoever.
Might just as well say I married my husband because he resembled a rabbit I owned when I was 5.
[soupdragon10], Liskeard, United Kingdom

My wife is chinese and my mother was British,now which one had surgery.

My ex-husband looked and behaved in a totally different way from my father. That is why is is ex.
Janet Shaw, Romford, United Kingdom

I dated a guy for a long time and when my family saw pictures of him, right away they said “he looks so much like your brother” (who looks somewhat like my dad). We are no longer together but ever since they made that comment I was deeply disturbed by the thought that he resembled my brother and still am to some degree until this day.
Charine, New York

There’s an old saying about how a child is influenced by its two parents: It says “a child will grow up to be one, and marry the other”.
Take a look at families you know. I guarantee you’ll be astonished how often this saying accurately reflects the offsprings’ developed character and their eventual choice of partner.
[Soothseeker], Sussex, United Kingdom

I don’t look like my father-in-law, and my wife doesn’t look like my mother, but my cousin looks like the postman.
[MilwaukeeRay], United States

I tried to find a wife that looked like a sculpture, but sadly I could not find one with no arms, no legs, and a hole where her belly should be, so I had to settle for one like my mum.
colin Wilkins

Gosh no! My wife has no resemblance to my old man who had a bald head and false teeth!
Paul Papadopoulos, Athens, Greece

“Does your partner look like your parent?”
I can live with me looking like my partner’s parent more than my partner looking like my partner’s parent.
Muhammad Zaman

This is one of the best HYS ever, alot of these comments have had me in stiches. Thanks for the topic BBC.!
Carrie G, From Wales, living in, United States

Once again we see a heterosexual bias to this study. What about gays and lesbians? Do gay men seek partners like their fathers? Do lesbian women seek partners like their mothers? Do bisexual people seek partners that look like either/both of their parents?
James, Buckhurst Hill

Howabout us gay men and women? My partner looks nothing like my mother or father….. is it because I is gay?
Peter W, Manchester, United Kingdom

Errr – can anyone tell me who my real dad is…….
A loner, Bristol

here is also a saying the dog looks like its master.
Don’t we have anything important to talk about??
[little-green-man], salvador, Brazil

And if she starts to grow a mustache like my dad… i’m gonna have some issues.
Miami Dawg, United States

It’s good to nice to see the HYS team is stimulating debate on the truly important topics of our time.
Wes J, San Diego, United States

I haven’t got a partner. I’ve got a wife. So I can’t join in this debate. A wife or husband isn’t a partner. Wives and husbands are spouses. If my wife and I hadn’t wanted to be married, we wouldn’t have got married, then you could have called us partners (although I don’t actually like the term). But the fact remains that we’re married and therefore we’re not partners. It IS different. Believe me.
Tony Frampton, Warwick

I followed my father’s example and married a woman. But nowadays one has so many choices – who can say what the next generation will do!
Martin Ellis, London, United Kingdom

Anyway, I thought we were supposed to look like our dogs????

So someone who looks like their dog marries someone who looks like their dad. There’s no contradiction there (but try saying it ten times quickly).
[ThomsonsPier], Reading, United Kingdom

No my partner does not look like the back end of a bus !!
[POLARIS69], Kent, United Kingdom

My Dad told me that when choosing a woman to marry, look at her mother, as she will probably end up looking like her.
Thrusting Raspberry III, Eastbourne

Sounds logical to me. I look like my Mother and Father. So I picked a missus who looks like them, because then she looks like me – and voila – I can look at my handsome self even when there are no mirrors in the room.
Though hang on, if she looks like me, I wonder if I should start wearing makeup – because the missus sure looks a bit rough without it.
Michael, Budapest

No my wife looks like her dad since she started the cross-dressing…

ctually I have read about this before, but they are missing a few details.
First, that men also tend to pick women who remind them of their mothers also, but with both men and women there’s something missing from this article that they did not mention. And that is IF they got along with their mother/ father. If the relationships with their parents were not strong, they tend to pick partners who are completely opposite from their parents. This is not news, you can find it in basic psychology.
Ayanna Nyx

I took a girlfriend home that was exactly like my mother.
My father hated her!
Simon T, London, United Kingdom

Does your partner look like your parent?
Only if my mum was a 10,000 year old mummy.
Steve Day

This HYS is very creepy…..kinda of like when my ex-husband bought me the same puritanical perfume his mother wore.

Is this why Prince Charles dumped the hot younger blonde Diana for the frumpy grey older Camilla? It makes sense now!

my partner actually looks like a female version of myself and has simular characteristics to me aswell which im fond of , guess im attracted to myself
wolfie, westmidlands

My partner looks a lot like my dad. I never noticed and then one day we were looking some old pictures and i suddenly realized how much he looked like a younger version of my dad!
he is also as loving and caring as he is.
I am a very lucky woman.
elena serrajotto, London

No… I look like my parent…. my partner just always looks….”DUMBFOUNDED”! arder, Belfast & Drogheda

My partner does not look like his father but he abuse me in the same way as his father use to abuse his mother.
Seema Ghazal, Islamabad, Pakistan 

For anyone who is thinking “That’s crazy, I don’t do that.” People don’t actually consciously pick their partner based on it. It is subliminal and they are not aware of it. As far as they’re aware, they picked him because “he’s such a nice guy” or what have you.
Emma, Sunderland

I bald short and fat…..was my wife attracted to me because I look like her Father???
I think that my 5 bed detached house, swimming pool, Merc and the fact that I can lick my nose had rather more to do with her decision to marry me than anything else….
Seymore Totty, Bristol

How does this explain attractive women marrying ugly geek guys? Personally… I think money is the biggest motivator for women. Love happens for those under the age of sixteen.
Guy Fox, Key West/Tampa Bay, United States

Does your partner look like your parent?
No but the people in the village where we bought our house all look the same!
Help,we’re surrounded by incestuous faces.
I guess that’s the price you pay,living in the country.

“Men use the same process when picking out their wives, according to the latest work from the University of Pécs in Hungary”
I think I speak for all men when I say that I am NOT looking for a woman who looks like my Dad….
Cheer Up Folks, Leeds, United Kingdom

Does my partner look like my parent? Well, she is not bald like my Dad, or nicotine stained like my Mum.
I feel sorry for the girls I have dated ….. they must have had ugly dads!
A Kelly, United Kingdom

A lot of young people these days will now have trouble identifying a suitable partner as they dont know who their dad is.
Joe Soap, Glasgow

Yes and it’s scary. My wife’s even going bald and growing a moustache like my dad.
Steve Edwards, Bishop’s Stortford, United Kingdom

You mean is she small, pot-bellied, narrow-eyed and scowling?

Well, my wife looks nothing like my mother, for which I’m eternally grateful.
Tim Debbage, Norwich, United Kingdom

No, but my pet gerbil looks like my Aunt Enid. In fact the only real difference between the two is that the Gerry the gerbil is slightly more articulate and can boil a better egg.
Tony Inchpractice, Lower Dene

Hope not, my parents have both been dead for some years (I thought my wife was beginning to look thin).
Si Coligacallyscarred, Outside the box

Anyway, I thought we were supposed to look like our dogs????

Great! Anyone have a dad who looks like an ape?
David B

Yes. My dad’s a transvestite!
Nick, Eastbourne

Wow yes now you mention it they do, both have 2 eyes, 2 ears, a nose, a mouth, 2 arms and 2 legs. thats so scary.
ALAN, wigan

It’s not really something I want to think too deeply about to be honest it’s just too weird. How many people are going to be lying in bed tonight with their partners now thinking ‘oh my god does he/she really look like my Dad/Mum’
[Mrsjackman], Wirral

I dont have a partner but if I do I hope she doesnt look like my mother.
p.s. Mam if you’re reading this, any chance I can borrow £50?
John Jones, Wales

Hopefully she won’t end up weighing as much as her mother or father!
[saint-keith], winchester

Does your partner look like your parent?
I don’t know any blokes who’d admit to that one, even suggesting it might be a bit risky………
Richard Hill, Birmingham, United Kingdom

My wife does not look anything like my mother, but she surely talks as much.
Popov B

I haven’t got a partner at the moment, but my sister looks like a combination of my parents, so maybe I should start a relationship with her.
[Martin1983], London, United Kingdom

Of course she looks nothing like my father and personally I think luckily she looks nothing like my mum.
That would be creepy even if my mum was a super model.
William B, Cambridge, United Kingdom

I sincerely hope my wife doesn’t look my dad!! He died when I was 12 in a plane crash. Not sure I would want her to look like him!!
Chris S, St Helens, United Kingdom

No.My dad was white British and my partner is Indian!
Sadie Carr

What a gross thought!
All who read this, go to bed with your partners tonight and think of this thread. A passion killer me thinx
only my opinion b

i thought it was normal for you and your dad to sleep together
Dee Derrick, Deal

God, I hope not, maybe it’s a Hungarian thing.
[MrRanter], Welwyn Garden City

I’m not really sure. I don’t have a partner but I have an adopted Gibbon with dark eyes and long blonde hair. Now I’m beginning to worry.
Stan, Essex

This is horrendous research and should be banned. I don’t want to think I choose someone because they look like a relative!! Argh!

Er, no. This all sounds a bit odd and freaky. Mind you, I know people who look like their dog and my parrot is really a good looker.
There are people out there who could find a theory to fit just about anything.

[smilingparrotfan], london, United Kingdom

Probably the best comment in the topic:My wife tells me..”If I looked looked like her father,she’d give me poison!’……I told her ” If she looked like my Mum; I’d drink it” … What rubbish are they going to bring up next?
Peter Short, Birmingham, United Kingdom

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