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Another love story

Cerita yang daku dapet lewat email, kalo ga salah dari alien.

Once upon a time, there was an island where all feelings live.
Happiness, Sadness, Knowledge.. And many others, including Love..

One day it was announced to all feelings that the island is about to drown soon, and so every feeling who lives there should prepare its ship to leave..

Love wants to stay until last minute. When the island almost drowns, then Love tries to find someone to help.

Wealth passes by with its magnificent ship. Love asks, “Wealth, can I come with you?”
Wealth answers,”Sorry, you can’t. My ship is full of gold and diamonds, theres no more room left…”

Love decides to ask Pride that just passes by with its beautiful ship. “Pride, please save me!”
Pride answers. “Oh my Love.. I can’t help you.. you are so wet, you can ruin my beautiful ship…”

Sadness comes sailing by near the island. Love then shouts,”Sadness, please let me come with you?” 
“Love, im too sad. I want to be by myself right now.. so you can’t come with me..”

After a while, Happiness is seen in a distance, but it is too happy that it doesn’t hear Love calling it.

Suddenly Love hears a voice,”Love, come with me…” An old figure appears with its old but elegant ship. Love feels so grateful, so it hops on the ship straight away. Because Love is too happy that it is saved from the drowning island, when it reaches dry land, Love forgets to ask who that old figure is. And it has disappeared, continuing its Journey..

Realising how much it owes that old figure, Love asks Knowledge who happens to be on that island too.
“Who was that who helped me?”
“It is Time,” Knowledge answers.
“Time?” Love asks in disbelief. “But why would Time help me?”

Knowledge smiles wisely and answers,”Because only Time can understand how much Love means…”

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