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One More Reason to be Proud of NTU!!

Well… This time I will try to write in my lousy English. Hope you don’t mind. 🙂

For this last few days, there is a new NTU rising star. A new idol for NTU students who add one more reason to be proud of NTU…

I’m not talking about someone who win some “boring” international competition or someone who success in his research. Nope nope… But I’m talking about a lecturer!!

What?? A lecturer? How can a lecturer become an Idol? Is it a lecturer nature to become a kind of monster for his students? Someone whom the student want to throw the worst voodoo curse to?

Well, before you bombard me with that kind of questions. May be you need to watch this first:

It’s a cut from a long lecture recording video. Here in NTU, we have a lecture recording for some of our lectures. Fortunately, the recorder didn’t turn off the camera when the lecture cut by a feedback session.

Every semester, the students need to give feedback about a lecturer performance. This is the time for us, students, to take a revenge (write something horrrrrrible), write compliments, flirt a handsome lecturer (some of the students are secret admirer to some lecturer though….) or write some boring comments such as: you did good! Good teaching style! etc-etc…

We can said that the feedback form divided into 3 parts:

First is multiple questions with 5 options to choose. Choose 1 if you strongly disagree with the question (To put it simple: choose 1 if you think that the lecturer must be sacked ASAP!) or you can choose the other extreme: 5 if you think that this lecturer should be idolized as a God.

Second part is an “essay question”. If I remember correctly, It stated as: “What do you like most about this lecturer?”

Third part is another “essay question”. If I am not mistaken, it’s written as: “What do you suggest as an improvement?”

All of the funny feedbacks on the video are written on the second and third part.

I think this lecturer take the feedback session to a new different level: as a form of entertainment!! Sure he has a good sense of humor and a big heart to laugh together with all of the students. And by read the comments in youtube, someone said that he win the best lecturer (EEE course) 14 years consecutively (In his short biography, he won 7 times in different categories). Wow! It’s really something eh? Sure he knows how to teach and how to win the student’s hearts. 🙂

(God bless Him and all of his students! Ups… don’t forget to bless the lecture recorder too! Because of him, we can watch this great video!)

I hope that the student who wrote that feedback forms want to admit it. And may be it is a good idea for the lecturer to published all his feedback collection forms. Sure it will become a big hit!! (I will buy one if he publish it. Hope it won’t be too expensive) Or may be he must published it on the form of e-book?? Most of my friends said that his accent is the one that make the video soooo hillarious. (And I strongly agree with it)

By the way, the lecturer’s name is Dr Goel (Someone in youtube says it. And I check the video recording, I think its really him).


He really makes NTU LOOKS hip and fun! Just from the youtube comments, you can read that Dr Goul video made some of the NUS students start see NTU from the different light now…

You can read his short biography at:

If you can not access to youtube or can not open the video file or want to download the script of that “feedback presentation video”, you can click here==> funny-lecturer-script-bebekrewelcom.doc (Highly recommended for you to try to watch the video first!!)

Note: Special thanks to yungki and alien for the help 🙂

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  1. Comment by BEBEKCUEK on November 3, 2006 8:26 am

    The students show great sense of humor and the prof played along

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